How much do you charge?
I charge an hourly rate of $75.

How long will it take?
Each job is different and unique. Time is dependent on the scope of the project and how quickly you are able to make decisions on what stays and what goes. 

Do I need to be there?
You will need to be present for the initial consultation and the sorting process. At that point, I can take over for the organization process. 

What do we do with donations?
I can drop-off at a nearby charity or arrange for a pick-up of bulky items. If desired, I will provide and itemized list for taxes purposes.

Do I need to do anything to prepare before we start?
You don’t need to do anything beforehand. Not knowing where to start is a common reason for hiring a Professional Organizer. However, any prior sorting or donations will save time during our sessions.

Do I need to purchase anything before we start?
I suggest waiting until the sorting is finished to see what is really needed after we have downsized. What you think you may need at the beginning is usually drastically different that what you may actually need (if anything) at the end. 

I live out of your service area in Southern Orange County, CA. How can I find an organizer in my area?
Orange County:

Nationwide: NAPO.Net or

Click Here